Notes from the Archives – 4 Light & Lively ’21’.

Some products / brands are only limited to a particular place. Products like Tirunelveli Iruttu kadai halwa. Its made by a family in Tirunelveli and till recently it was only available in that particular shop but now things have changed and you can order the awesome Tirunelveli Iruttu kadai halwa online. Same is the case with Charagh Din shirts. They had only one showroom throughout India, only in Mumbai. But then now its available online too.

Pic Courtesy : India Today, December 1984
21 by Lipton

This drink was only available in Delhi city. Not sure why it was only restricted to Delhi, was it because of lack of distribution, or to maintain the exclusivity? or to test the market?

Anyway do you remember any brands like this? 

Notes from the Archives -2 1982- The year India moved from Black and White to Colour!

Photo Courtesy : India Today

Remember the Old Black and White TV? and later the screen that we used to place in-front of the B&W TV sets to make it more colourful?

Then came the magnificent colour TVs!

Year 1982, India hosted the Asian games for the second time, first one was way back in 1951, the inaugural Asian Games. 

25 APRIL 1982

Doordarshan started the test run of India’s first colour Telecast. India saw the action at the Asian Games in Colour. India came 5th in the medal tally. 

Televista TV

Look at the “T” in the name, the TV antenna ( fish bone) like image 🙂

Look at the “T” in the name, the TV antenna ( fish bone) like image 🙂

The fist TV that I had at home was Bush, which one was yours 🙂