Sri Lankan Tour: Galle Fort and Talpe

Two places I enjoyed a lot during my visit to Sri Lanka was Galle fort and a place called Talpe, close to 10 kms from Galle.

Talpe Railway Station

The railway station at Talpe reminded me of the one depicted in the famous book ‘Malgudi Days.’  We were the only people to get down at the station. The station master and his pet dog received us, only two souls present at the station. There was interesting wooden time table that had the schedules of the trains that had stopovers. 3 trains stops in a day.

Cantaloupe Aqua resort, Talpe

Talpe has beautiful beach resorts. Clean, no pollution and less crowded. The place is almost like how Kerala was some 20-25 years ago. I stayed at a resort called ‘Cantaloupe Aqua’.


Galle Fort

Galle Fort

Galle fort can be defined as Fort Kochi + Extra clean + less crowded + very nice people . The place is very similar to Fort Kochi in Kerala, India. Sea side, lots of shops, pavements, very humid and of course lot of tourists. But they have maintained Galle fort and nearby places very clean.


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