FIFA World Cup- The Festival Of Malabar: World Cup football banners: A visual treat!

1000 മെസ്സിക്ക് അര കക്കാ!!!!

My next pick of interesting banner I am sure will delight Brazil fans and despond the Argentina ones.

Location: Parakkulam

Theme: Inspired from the Malayalam saying “1000 കോഴിമുട്ടയ്ക്ക് അര കാടമുട്ട ”, a rough translation “half quail’s egg is equivalent to a 1000 chicken’s egg.” The statement underscores the fact that a quail’s egg is far more nutritious than a chicken’s egg. Now to the World Cup and the banner from Brazil fans,

Headline: 1000 മെസ്സിക്ക് അര കക്കാ , means
“Half Kaka is enough for a 1000 Messi(s)”

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