FIFA World Cup- The Festival Of Malabar: Nainamvalappu Football Fans Association (NFFA), Calicut

18 June 2010: Nainamvalappu Football Fans Association (NFFA), Calicut

Nainamvalappu, a small town in Kozhikode, predominantly comprises the fishing community. Founded in 1996, Nainamvalappu Football Fans Association (NFFA) is in constant touch with FIFA. FIFA sends regular magazines, a copy of the new rules, brochures and miniatures. NFFA has a mini FIFA museum. “This time, FIFA sent us a gold key chain carrying its logo. We have displayed all our curios here,” says Mr. N. V. Subair, the President of NFFA.

You could see Zakumi banner, the Official Mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, gold  and silver plated replica of World Cup, key chains, buttons, stickers and official postcards of all the entire FIFA World Cup matches, all sent by FIFA, in the museum.

Mr. Subair says there is so much talent here when it comes to football but lack of facilities is the biggest impediment.

At NFFA also I saw a replica of FIFA World Cup trophy, made of wood. There is a story behind the replica here. During the final of the World Cup when the winner lifts the original FIFA World Cup trophy, this replica at Nainamvalappu is handed over to the respective fan club members! So, as we all know, in 2010, the members of Spain’s fans club lifted the trophy.

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