Vietnam Diaries: The experience

Vietnam is an interesting country. Born out of the grit, perseverance and so much violence. The country offers you so much to experience.

The insane traffic and two wheelers

Vietnam is full of two wheelers, in different shapes and sizes. And the traffic that comes along with it.

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The cafes

If you love coffee, Vietnam is a must visit place. The cities ( Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is full of cafes, serving all varieties of coffees you could ever imagine.

The architecture

Vietnam was a french colony, before it was united after a violent war. You can see several buildings that was built the French. The Central post office of Saigon (Saigon later renamed as Ho Chi Minh City) is a building made in Gothic style. The churches at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are a visual treat.

The Bay

Ha Long Bay, located in northeast Vietnam , is full of limestone islands surrounded by rainforests. A ride through these bay is very refreshing. A must visit if you want to be close to the nature.

The History

The struggles, bloody coup, American occupation, effect of Napalm and agent Orange. Vietnam tells the story of grit, resistance and never ending fight for independence.

The Tunnels

The Cu Chi tunnels are a network of 200 kms long tunnel system, used by Viet Cong fighters against the US army. A must visit if you want to know about the Vietnam war.

What i liked most about the Vietnamese is their never ending passion towards life and the importance they give for fitness. Visit Vietnam for the life lessons they offer you 🙂