Top 10 reasons that makes BYJU’s a Leader in the Indian Ed tech Sector.

“You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.” Marvin Minsky.

The way we learn new things has undergone a tremendous change with the advent of the Internet. And with the advent of apps, knowledge gathering has become even more interesting. These are some of the apps i check on a regular basis

The recent developments have pushed the World to hitherto unknown or experienced circumstances have brought in a different lifestyle. Work from Home has become the new normal. For the education sector, online classes are the go-to solutions and are proving to be beneficial for many in times like this.

Here are 10 reasons why one should check out Byju’s learning app

1.The convenience of Learning anytime

Time is the essence of life. With every moment passing, we miss an opportunity to learn or experience new things. What if we have the convenience of learning new things anytime, as you wish? That too in the most engaging way?  I happened to come across the Byju’s Learning App and decided to try it out for my nephew who is in 10th std. Now as the schools are closed, thanks to the pandemic and all the classes happening online, sometimes the students miss the personalised attention. The 10th, 11th and 12th classes are very crucial for higher learning. These are the classes where most of the fundamentals are learnt. And it is most likely that in situations like these where a student misses personal attention, chances are that he or she might lose interest in the subject. This is where Byju’s learning app comes in handy. The App makes the learning interesting and easy.  

Picture Credits: BYJU’s App

2. Personalised Learning

This is the era of personalisation. Personalisation brings in engagement and interest. If we could learn something as we like, then the learning process becomes much easier and fun. Byju’s offers personalised learning. This, according to me, is a huge benefit. The kids learn fast and eventually they develop a liking with the subjects.   

  • 3. Parental Monitoring 

Some kids are self motivated and most of the time don’t need parental monitoring in their studies. But this is not the case with the majority.  Byju’s App offers Parental control and helps in monitoring the daily progress of their kid’s learning. 

4. Make them Involve!

Remember the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Yes the best way to learn is by involving the students. 

5. Challenge Them

Kids love challenges. Challenging oneself helps in improving the skills. It also make the student more inquisitive. The options like taking part in Quiz challenges one’s knowledge and potential.

6. Video Formats     

Presenting anything visually has a much more impact than presenting the same in text. The modules are in video format and this makes the learning process less time consuming.

7. Make it Fun

By making the modules and lessons fun, students get involved in the learning process and grasp the lessons faster.

8. Ed -Tech, the new normal

With the ever increase of various Ed- Tech solutions, Byju’s, being a pioneer in this have come a long way.  Students using Ed Tech solutions have a clear advantage over others. This will also help them in future, in their professional careers. 

9. Flexible options to choose

Byju’s comes up with various options to choose. Your kid can select the module that suites his / her aptitude. 

10. Study materials  for competitive exams

The app covers almost all the major competitive exams in India.  The materials are quite rich with content. 

So these are some of the highlights I have experienced in the Byju’s learning app. This is one of the best learning apps, especially during these testing times.

And I would like to know from you why ed-tech is essential for children. You may take this small survey by clicking the link below which would hardly take a minute to complete.