Kiruba Shankar: The Book Coach

Its a full circle!

In 2010, when I was working with good friend Kiruba Shankar, I shared the idea of travelling through Malabar region and capture the football frenzy. He encouraged me to go ahead with the plan. The idea was to write a series of blogposts. Later in 2013, Kiruba conducted a “Book authoring retreat” at his lovely farm house Vaksana Farms.

Book Authoring Retreat!

Kiruba organises Book authoring retreats for wanna be authors. This is a 2 day intensive, fun filled programme organised at his farm in a village called Rettanai, 150 Kms from Chennai.

The highlight of the farm is there is no net connectivity, no TV and very feeble mobile connectivity. You have no other options but to interact with the people and animals around 😀

No Google so you are forced to think ( I enjoyed this part )

Kiruba encourages the participants to write down ( not type in the laptop or pad) , draw or sketch. The idea is to bring out the idea inside you. there will be interactive sessions with authors who are already published many books. Kiruna himself have authored close to 10 books.

Evenings are filled with games and fun. Food is homemade (another highlight) His family also helps him in this retreat.

Its a great place to unwind, to meet interesting people and more over to be close to the nature

I have heard that the farm is more greenish now. Eagerly waiting to visit the place again.

There i decided to make this as a book. Atlast in 2014, I met Kiruba with the book.

The name of the book is FIFA World Cup: Festival of Malabar! Here is the cover design!

The Kindle version of Book is available here